Federal Skilled Trades Program

The ‘Federal Skilled Trades Program’ is among the three programs under the Express Entry system of Canadian Immigration. It is intended for skilled workers looking to become Permanent Residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade. The FSTP requires you to have a valid job offer of full-time employment for an entire period of a minimum of twelve months or; a certificate of qualification in the skilled trade issued by a Canadian authority.

The skilled trades for the “Federal Skilled Trades Program” are organized under these major groups of National Occupation Classifications (NOC):


Skilled Trades

Major Group 72

Construction and Industrial electrical trades

Major Group 73

Equipment operation and maintenance trades

Major Group 82

Technical jobs and Supervisors in natural resources agriculture and related production

Major Group 92

Processing manufacturing, utility supervisors and central control operators

Minor Group 632

Cooks and Chefs

Minor Group 633

Bakers and Butchers

Your work experience must meet the description in the specific NOC, or your application will be refused. The CIC CRS calculator/tool helps you calculate your Express Entry points for this program (CRS Tool). Once your score matches/surpasses the current draws, Express Entry Canada invites you to apply for this program to become a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Minimum requirements for this program:

Skilled Work Experience

You must have a minimum of 24 months of work experience in a skilled trade and should be:
• in one of the above mentioned skilled trades;
• For a full-time position; or equivalent time in a part-time position;
• Within the last five years of application.



There is no minimum education requirement for this program, but you can escalate your CRS points by:
• Obtaining a Diploma, Degree or Certificate from a secondary or post-secondary institution in Canada;
• Getting an Education Credential Assessment report for your foreign education through a designated organization.

Language Proficiency

You must take one of the approved language tests, i.e. IELTS, CELPIP-G, TEF Canada or TCF Canada and get a minimum language score of CLB 5 in speaking and listening; and CLB 4 in reading and writing.

Proof of Funds

You should show that you have sufficient funds for yourself and your family to be able to settle in Canada, except if:
– You are presently able to work in Canada, or;
– Have a valid job offer in Canada

Other determining factors

Authorized Trade Assessment; Admissibility; Age; Marital Status; Close Relatives in Canada etc.

Advantages of this program:

  • Fully electronic application system
  • Faster processing times than Provincial Nomination Programs
  • No limit to the number of applicants who can apply to the Express Entry Pool via the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

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