Intra Company Transfer

Intra Company Transfer Visa Canada, also known as ICT is a unique Work Permit to PR Pathway designed for business owners and foreign skilled workers. You can apply for the Intra Company Transfer Canada if:

  • You’re an Entrepreneur or Self-Employed who either wants to transfer home company or establish and operate a new business/startup in
  • You’re a key worker ( executive, senior manager, or individual having advanced specialized knowledge that is uncommon) at a multi-national company and will be transferred to work in the affiliated Canadian branch.

Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed people who come to Canada under ICT Work Permit have an opportunity to get permanent residency if they start their own businesses and meet specific conditions. It is one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada through investment. Foreign workers who come to Canada under an ICT Work Visa can work in the country temporarily.

Requirements for International Mobility Program: Intra Company Transfer (ICT)

  • There are a number of requirements the international company and employee must meet up in order to be qualified for a work permit.

General Requirements for an Employee to qualify for an Intra Company Transfer (ICT):

  • You must be currently employed by a multi-national company and planning for entry to Canada in a parent, subsidiary, branch, or an affiliate of that company.
  • You should be transferring to a company that has a qualifying relationship (see below) and will be undertaking employment at a legitimate and continuing establishment of that company
  • You should be transferred to a position in an executive, senior managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity.
  • You must be employed continuously (proved through payroll or other form) by the company that plans to transfer you outside Canada in a similar full-time position for at least one year in the three-year duration immediately preceding the date of initial application.
  • You must be coming to Canada for a temporary period of time.
  • You should be complying with all the immigration requirements for temporary entry

Company Requirements for Intra Company Transfer (ICT):

    • Generally, the company should ensure physical premises to house the Canadian operation, particularly in the case of specialized knowledge. However, in particular cases concerning senior managers or executives, it would be acceptable that the address of the new start-up not yet be secured; for example, the company could use its counsel’s address till the executive can purchase or lease a premise.
    • The company must furnish credible plans to staff the new operation.
    • The company must be financially stable to commence business in Canada and compensate employees.
    • When transferring executives or managers, the company must demonstrate that it will be sizeable enough to support executive or management function.
    • When transferring a specialized knowledge worker, the company must reveal that it is expected to be doing business; ensure that work is guided and directed by management at the Canadian operation.

Processing Time for Intra-Company Transfers to Canada

The standard time for the Intra-Company Transfer is between 2 to 10 weeks but there are priority processing options. Those who are eligible for the 2-week processing time will get the Intra-Company Transfer visa in 2 weeks. This priority processing opportunity is for visa-exempt countries only (biometrics processing is not included in these 2 weeks).

How Long is the Intra-Company Transfer Visa Valid?

The Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) work permit is usually valid for one year. If you wish to renew the work permit through Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) you must provide evidence that:

  • The Canadian and foreign companies are still having a qualifying association
  • The new office has engaged in the constant provisions of goods or services for the past year
  • The new office has been staffed.

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